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Title: Denial II, chapter 29: Unfamiliar Territory
Author: wastingyourgum
Characters/Pairings: Legrand/Carter, Little John  (Yep - doesn't get more in denial than that!)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: swearing, rough M/M sex
Genre: Angst, slash
Words: 2500
Disclaimer: BBC & TA own; we just want to play in their universe
Notes: Beta'd by jagnikjen and robinfanatic. Takes place after AU 2x13 but prior to 3x01
Introduction and chapter links for Denial II are here...

: Carter returns from a quick errand for Eleanor to find a surprise in his room...


chapter 29: Unfamiliar Territory
by wastingyourgum

Carter entered his room and stood, stunned and speechless, in the doorway.

Legrand was sitting on the chair by the near side of the bed, bare-chested, with his leggings unlaced. One of his large hands was gripping tightly to the arm of the chair, the other was tangled in the dark hair of the young man kneeling between his long legs, quietly sucking him off.

"Merde!" He looked up and swore as he heard Carter's gasp of surprise.

The youth's head shot up and he stared round in startled fright at Carter before quickly glancing back to Legrand. Legrand gave no sign of any embarrassment but reached over to the small table beside him, picked up his purse and took out a few coins. He tossed them at his feet and nodded his head towards Carter and the open door. When he spoke he sounded bored or very tired. "Sortez."

The young man nervously looked again between the two knights then picked up his money and ran out. Carter watched him leave and closed the door swiftly behind him.

Legrand was slowly and awkwardly trying to tuck himself back into his leggings. He sighed and gave up, opting instead to cover himself with one hand, then reached for his goblet and took a long drink. "Nothing you haven't seen before anyway, is it, Carter?" he slurred.

Carter finally found his voice. "What the hell are you playing at, Legrand? A whore? And in my room? Why my room?"

"Because you're not meant to be back until later and if I didn't fuck somebody I was going to have to kill somebody," Legrand replied morosely, taking another drink. "And besides, there are too many people looking for me in my quarters."

"If you mean John, you needn't worry about that - I think he's finally taken the hint that you don't want to see him," Carter said. He dropped his pack by the end of the bed.

Legrand didn't reply. He sat and stared at the floor, looking thoroughly miserable.

"Why are you avoiding John?" Carter asked. "He's really upset."

"Upset? Ha! I'd be surprised if he even gives me a second thought," Legrand spat bitterly. "I've seen them in the gardens together. The queen can barely keep her hands off him - which means I must."

Carter wasn't sure how to respond at first. They'd all suspected there was something going on between John and Legrand but it wasn't the kind of thing you could just ask - and they weren't the kind of men to answer.

Carter crouched down beside Legrand. "Look, even if you have to stop thinking about John like that, you shouldn't throw away your friendship with him as well. You just have to put this behind you and get on with things."

Legrand looked into Carter's eyes. "And how is your adorable little ex-squire?" he replied nastily.

That hurt. "Fuck off, Legrand." Carter stood up and turned away, clenching his fists.

"Oh yes, completely over him," Legrand scoffed, pouring himself some more wine. 

Carter heard Legrand sigh and then fill a second goblet. "Here..." He held it out to Carter. "I'm sorry. What Much did... John never claimed I meant anything special to him. I can't blame him for running off as soon as the queen snapped her fingers. I must just have been an entertaining diversion - something different for him to try out before he went back to soft breasts and round hips."

So Legrand and John had been intimate after all. Carter took the proffered vessel. "He might never have claimed it, but John loves you - we all know that."

"He never said it. Not once... but then I never said it to him either. Not while he could hear me anyway."

"Much said it to me all the time - and I believed him. I don't know what's worse," Carter said thoughtfully as he sat down on the side of the bed and took a long drink of the strong wine.

"Hearing it and knowing it's a lie - that's worse. Much never lied to you. Not about that."

"I... I don't know any more, Legrand. I had my doubts but I started to believe he'd finally put his feelings for Robin behind him. Yet the first time something happens and Robin needs him, Much ran straight back to his arms. How could he really have loved me and yet gone back to Robin so easily?"

"He was with Robin for many years. Locksley has a stronger hold over him than he knows but it's not the same as the one you do and there is far less love in it. I think he will realise that in time."  

They both took another drink.

Legrand tidied himself back into his leggings but left them unlaced. "You know the most amusing thing of all?" he said. "All the gossip around Poitiers is that the queen has a new lover but nobody knows who. They only know it's started in the last few days so most people seem to think it's me." He rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose before letting out another long sigh. "Why does God make us this way, Carter? I should be happily married to a big-breasted wife and siring lots of strong sons to carry on my title. Instead I'm paying whores to suck me off because I can't stop thinking about a big English peasant - who of course just happens to be the one peasant in the world the queen has also taken a liking to."

"I don't know, Legrand... but I don't think it matters that it's John you love and not Jane. Nobody really gets to choose who they fall for, man or woman."

"Jane? Who is Jane?" Legrand blearily asked him.

"I was just making a point... How much have you had to drink?"

Legrand snorted. "Not enough."

Carter considered him for a moment. "Me neither, give me that wine." Legrand silently handed it over and Carter topped up both their goblets before setting it back down. They drank in silence for few moments, both lost in their thoughts, before Legrand spoke again.

"I've served this family my whole life, Carter... and what do I have to show for it? Nothing - except a lot of scars."

"That's not true, Legrand. You have the respect of many people in many countries, including the king."

"Richard doesn't respect me - he stopped even looking at me once I turned thirty." 

Carter reacted angrily to his words. "You shouldn't speak of the king like that, Legrand. He's a good man and he does still respect you - even if he no longer regards you as a favourite."

"You're right. Sorry, Carter." Legrand put down his goblet and sat hunched forward with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. "I just... I've never asked for much and yet every time I've wanted anything it's been denied to me. It just makes me so... angry."

"Angry? Why?"

"Why am I angry?" Legrand snapped. He leapt to his feet, grabbed Carter's arms just above the elbows and slammed him hard back down against the bed, sending Carter's goblet clattering across the floor. "Why are you not? Your love is sleeping with his former master and mine is sleeping with the queen and there's nothing either of us can do about it," he snarled into Carter's face.

Legrand smelled strongly of wine and sweat and sex. Coupled with the sight of his muscular bare chest and arms, it was a heady combination. "I can do this," Carter replied and he darted his head forward and kissed Legrand hard on the mouth.

Legrand scowled at him then kissed him back; a crushing, bruising, aggressive kiss that had nothing to do with love.

Carter threw his arms around Legrand's neck and pulled him down on top of him as their tongues fought for possession of each other's mouths. He dragged his short fingernails across Legrand's bare back as Legrand tugged Carter's tunic free from his leggings. Their lips broke apart only long enough for Legrand to swiftly pull the tunic up and over Carter's head and throw it across the room before they resumed their desperate, gasping embrace.

Carter started unlacing his leggings with fumbling fingers. He shoved them down over his hips and Legrand roughly pulled them down the rest of the way, tugging off Carter's boots as well, leaving Carter completely naked.

Legrand hurriedly kicked off his own boots and stripped off his leggings. He threw himself back on top of Carter, almost crushing the breath from Carter's body as he did so, before Legrand lifted himself up and supported some of his weight on his arms.

Carter had grown accustomed to having intimate knowledge of his partner's body. The one his hands and lips roamed over now with increasing urgency was new and strange, unfamiliar and totally unlike the man he had been with most recently. He was used to the soft downy feel of Much's chest hair under his fingers as he would lightly press him and coax him into where he wanted him to go. Much usually let Carter take the lead and he was happy to do so. Legrand's chest was broader and when Carter pressed against him he met nothing but resistance. He realised that this time he would be the more submissive partner.

Legrand was in no mood to be gentle. He came on strongly, his hands frantically grasping at Carter's hair and back and arse as he took control, directing Carter's body exactly where he wanted it.

Carter was by no means weak but he didn't have the same size and weight to push back at Legrand as much as John might have done. He found himself being roughly manhandled onto his back at the edge of the bed.

Legrand crouched between Carter's legs and pressed Carter's knees up towards his chest. He leaned down and briefly sucked one of Carter's balls into his mouth before letting a long string of saliva fall across Carter's entrance. He started licking at Carter's tight muscle, pushing at it with his tongue while he held Carter's legs up and open.

Carter shuddered at the harsh treatment and managed to gasp out, "M-my pack, Guillaume... In my pack... Side pocket..."

Legrand gave him a puzzled glance before reaching down and lifting the pack from the floor. He smiled grimly as he drew out a small stoppered vial and dropped the pack again.

Carter stroked himself, panting with lust as he looked at Legrand's imposing figure towering over him. Legrand's cock was not excessively large, at least not in proportion to the rest of him, but he was still big enough.

Legrand poured out some of the oily liquid onto his fingers. Carter lifted his legs again as Legrand stroked around Carter's entrance before slipping one finger then another inside, stretching the younger man in preparation.

Carter closed his eyes and tipped his head back. God, that felt good. It had been so long. He started lewdly thrusting his hips back against Legrand's hand, fucking himself on the fingers in his arse. His head snapped up and his eyes met Legrand's. He nodded in agreement. Now...

Legrand withdrew his fingers and used them to coat his cock with the glistening liquid. He pumped it with his fist a few times then grabbed the back of Carter's knee with his other hand, lined himself up and started pushing in. As he entered Carter he took his hand away from his cock and held the back of Carter's other knee.

Carter groaned again as he felt the head of Legrand's cock penetrate him. He stroked himself to distract him from the pain as Legrand gradually worked his way into him. Legrand suddenly thrust all the rest of the way in and then started pounding into Carter with short, vicious strokes.

Carter moaned at each bone-jarring collision. He hadn't been taken this hard in a long time and it was so unlike the gentle lovemaking he'd grown accustomed to with Much. He knew he'd regret it later but he found he didn't care about the pain - he just wanted to give in to it, wanted to lose himself in the physical sensation of being so brutally taken. He begged Legrand for more. "Oh... Oh God, Guillaume... Yes... Harder... Yes..."  

Legrand roared as he granted Carter's request, thrusting even harder into him, both men grunting with each impact. Carter's hand moved frantically on his cock as he sought that one blinding moment of nothing but pleasure.

Carter threw his head back and moaned loudly as he finally climaxed in several long spurts which landed across his chest and stomach. His arse clenched around Legrand's cock with each pulse, tipping Legrand over into his own release.

Legrand tightly gripped Carter's legs as he thrust fully into him and then held himself there, groaning and twitching against Carter as his hot seed flooded into him.

They stayed there for a few long moments, panting for breath, before Legrand carefully eased himself out of Carter. Carter winced as he lowered his legs. Livid bruises were already forming on his thighs from Legrand's fingers.

Legrand looked horrified. "Mon Dieu... I'm sorry, Carter. I'm sorry... are you all right?"

"I'll be fine. Just... take it easier next time," Carter gasped.

"There won't be a next time, Carter - there shouldn't even have been a this time. I'm sorry. I had no right to do that to you."

"You had every right - I asked you to. I didn't want you to be gentle."

"You didn't want me to be Much," Legrand said.

Carter swallowed hard. "No," he said, very quietly. 

"And I did want you to be John... I wanted him so much, wanted him to take me and I could never get up the courage to ask him. I was sure it would scare him off."

"You mean you never..."


Legrand lifted Carter's legs across the bed and then lay down beside him. Without another word being spoken they both reached for each others arms. They kissed more slowly this time, with tenderness and without haste, recognizing each others regrets.  

There was a knock and the door beside them swung open.

"Carter? Carter, the queen wanted to know if you... could..."

There was a very awkward moment of silence.

"I see." John turned away sadly to leave but stopped and looked back just before he did so. "I won't say anything to Much, Carter - he has no right to know and if he did, that's for you to do - but at least he left you in no doubt he was finished with you." His eyes flicked briefly to Legrand's face and quickly away and he quietly closed the door behind him.

"Fuck!" Legrand stood up and hurled his wine across the room. It smashed against the wall, dripping ruby liquid down the bare stones...


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Jul. 10th, 2011 07:45 am (UTC)
Well, I guess both Legrand and Carter really needed that, but what a time for John to enter the scene! I'll be interested to see how any of this can be put right, if at all.
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