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Denial - a round robin fic


Please note:  updated February 24, 2010.
This is a 'Round-Robin' fic. (How appropriate!) Multiple authors will contribute to individual sections or chapters.
The story starts off from the Robin Hood episode 2x08 "Get Carter."
Summary: Much has decided to accompany Carter back to the Holy Land to deliver Robin's message. The gang must learn to cope with the absence of the subtle but vital ways they needed the former servant while continuing their fight against the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne.  As squire to a crusader knight, Much must also adapt to his new life and face the horrors of war again that he and Robin left behind.
The Rules:
1. Although this story is AU it must still follow some canon elements as closely as possible. However, authors are free to bring other canon characters (such as LeGrand) back to life! We have also introduced a few original characters to carry the storyline along and to fill in the history of some of our canon characters.

2. For sake of the story, each post must be longer than a drabble (100 words) and no longer than 10,000 words. Use lj-cut to hide long entries.

3. Writers: If you'd like to write, get in touch!!  Comment on the most current chapter in rh_denile or PM (private message) either of the comm mods.

We do our collaborative editing and brainstorming in googledocs and/or IM chat sessions. As Denial pulls from canon, we've discovered that plots can, to some degree, be discussed well in advance. For example, though we are preparing to move into the story arc for episode 2x13, we have some stories waiting in the wings well into series 3. There are still plenty of opportunities to write chapters for the time between 2x13 and 3x01 and series 3 right now, but the 2 story mods need you to chat with us first!  We are currently looking for writers for Team Leather story arcs in particular but have plenty of room to entertain ideas for Marian, Allan, Will, Djaq, Robin (hmm...the Outlaws!) and characters introduced in series 3 of the show.

4. Tagging: in the rh_denile  comm add the following tags:  "denial - fic" and "roundrobin2009", and of course, the author name preceded by "denier: ". Add a tag for the episode, e.g., 2x11.  Feel free to add character and pairing tags and create new ones following the established patterns on the comm! Follow tagging conventions when the chapter is posted to other comms.

5. For timely continuation of the story line, the author must post their chapter within four days of deadlines as worked out with the comm mods. Writers generally have several weeks to meet deadlines because stories rarely fall immediately in the timeline after the currently published chapter. . 
6. Narrative is generally third person. Any content must be rated with usual ratings (G, PG, R, NC-17) and the usual headings  (title:, author:, word count:, rating:, disclaimer). 
7. Each entry should be a separate post.

8. Title on each entry should be Denial, Chapter (whatever number) then the Chapter title is author's choice. 
9. All chapter entries must include a link to the previous chapters so please use the header above.  The comm moderators may ask you to enhance entries with additional tags if needed.
10. Posting: Please post the original entry in rh_denile  and x-post it to rh_lost_scenes (when applicable) and treatmuchright, treatallanrightlordgisborne , or maz_heads  (only to the latter 4 if the chapters highlight one of those characters specifically).  Authors may also post their chapters to their personal journals or other comms as long as they link back to the main story. The mods will often suggest x-posts on other RH comms.
The mods will help determine placement and assign chapter designations!
This is a fun way to rewrite series 2 and 3 the way we want it and give Much the love he deserves and provide life to characters that the writers insanely killed off!
Come join us!

darkentwisted  and robinfanatic  


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