Waters of DeNile

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Robin Hood BBC DeNile Community
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A safe haven for those of us in Denial of some of the events in 'BBC Robin Hood'.
Come swim in these shallow waters of the infamous river of DeNile.

We were all left reeling after the finale of series 2. The death of Royston in series 1 and Allan and Robin in series 3 may have left you dipping a toe into the shallow waters. This is a community of safety, where you can enter a safe, comfy moment of denial that all the madness and mayhem in ‘Robin Hood’ didn’t really happen.

Royston lives! Allan saves his brother! Legrand lives! Carter joins the gang! Guy didn’t make Marian into a kebab! Guy lives!

If all of these scenarios and more make you want to grab a Daiquiri from the bar and float about on a Lilo as you dream of what could have been, then make yourself at home.

A little DeNile is good for the Fan boy/girl soul.

Everything is welcome, opinions, fics, graphics, videos etc etc.